Portable & Pre -Assembled

The fabric banner is shipped on the frame which can be set-up in under a minute due to its accordion like structure. Because the frame stretches, the banner comes out wrinkle-free and looks great without any work! This is the fastest and most affordable way for you to look awesome at your next event!


Saturated Colours that are Spot Colour Matched

Colours matter – and getting them right is critical! Supply either a spot colour (ie. pantone) or colour swatch and we will provide an exact match for your fabric backdrops because a close match just isn’t close enough. To make things better, our print process allows for high ink saturation which creates unbeatable, deep and rich colours. Standing out has never been easier!.

glare free

Wave & Glare-Free

Don’t settle for vinyl or banner! These step and repeat banners ensure that your photos will be glare and wrinkle-free. Don’t be fooled into thinking any vinyl print can offer this. Only fabric ensures that your next red carpet backdrop photo shot will be glare-free. Plus, if you want to keep your inner peace and do your part to keep plastic out of our landfills, choose fabric for your next print. It’s a win-win on so many fronts!

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